Dinox - All about Tableware

Dinox, a company with a 35-year history, operates in the wholesale trade, importing cutlery, bar and tea supplies, serving utensils and household items from the world's largest factories.


Dinox is the exclusive distributor in Greece of Herdmar Cutelaria Portugal, Evelin, La Rochere and Ibili Menaje Spain. The company also has a range of products from China and Turkey with its own brand.


In cutlery the company has a huge range of over 50 designs ideal to meet the needs of both caterers and everyday needs, as most designs are also available in 72-piece suitcase, 33-piece suitcase and 30 and 24 suitcase. pieces.

Bar and tea items

Dinox has a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of bar and tea experts, such as cocktail and serving utensils, teapots, tea filters and spoons, as well as individual serving glasses.